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Cy Nicholas Luncheon Hosts W&M History Fellows

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Ph.D. Candidate Annie Powell and Master’s candidate Pierce Monahan of the College of William and Mary History Department will be the featured speakers for the Cy Nicholas Luncheon, Thursday, the twenty-second of February, two thousand twenty four.

Annie Powell of William and MaryAnnie Powell is a doctoral candidate at William & Mary, and is the current Samuel Victor Constant Fellow. She graduated with a B.A. in History and English from Cornell University, received a M.A. in History from William & Mary, and will graduate with a Ph.D. in History from William & Mary in May 2024. Annie’s research interests center upon the early English colonization efforts in America, especially the puritan projects in seventeenth-century New England. Her dissertation, “The Crisis of 1637 and the Making of Colonial New England,” explores how simultaneous religious, political, and military conflicts in northeastern America led to a major crisis that turned the region into a place of English, colonial, puritan authority – the colonial New England that we imagine today.

The Samuel Victor Constant Society is funded by the General Society of Colonial Wars to honor the ideals and principles of those who served with distinction during the Colonial Period in building these United States of America.

Pierce Monahan is a first-year History M.A. student at William & Mary. After transferring from community college, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science from UCLA in 2021. At William & Mary, he is primarily researching the Barbary Wars and the ways they shaped Americans’ collective conscience and foreign policy priorities. Pierce is the recipient of the Virginia Society of Colonial Wars 2023 Masters level grant at the William & Mary history department.

The Commonwealth Club – Richmond, Virginia
Cocktails 11:40 am
Luncheon and Program to follow

Coat and Tie required – Ladies and Guests welcome.

RSVP by February 19

Register here.

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Cy Nicholas Luncheon Hosts W&M History  Fellows
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