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1-804-314-2809 Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Current Officers and Council 2021-2023

Governor Edward Dana Mitchell Ed Mitchell
Deputy Governor Walter Jervis Sheffield Walt Sheffield
Lieutenant Governor Channing Moore Hall cHANNING hALL
Secretary Blair Hearn Nelsen Blair Nelsen
Treasurer Louis Russell Lawson III Russell Lawson
Chancellor Douglas Pendleton Rucker, Jr. Doug Rucker
Chaplain Louis Russell Lawson III Russell Lawson
Genealogist & Registrar Lewis Taylor Cowardin Taylor Cowardin
Surgeon John Moncure Daniel, III, M.D. John Daniel
Historian Grayson Albert Harding Grayson Harding
Deputy Governor General  Charles Lewis Grant Charlie Grant

Gentlemen of the Council

Class of 2019; Term Expiring 2022 John Gurkin Adamson
Gerald Lawrence Runyan
Alan Bryant Noel
Class of 2020; Term Expiring 2023 Peter Edwin Broadbent, III
David Arrington Southworth
Michael Sivy, Jr.
Class of 2021; Term Expiring 2024 George Edward Calvert, Jr.
James Franklin Russell
Thomas Gough Vance


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