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1-804-314-2809 Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Biography of Charles Lewis Grant

Charlie Grant

Charlie Grant has served as Executive Director of Henricus Historical Park, the site of the second permanent English settlement in Virginia, since 2010 after joining the park as Operations Manager in 2008. Over that time, he has directed the reconstruction, revitalization and national promotion of this important site located in what is now Chesterfield County on the south bank of the James River. After earning his BS in History at Radford University, his MA in History at Virginia Tech, and, later, his MPA at Virginia Tech, Charlie joined the American Historical Foundation staff where he was introduced to our Society by his boss J. E. B. Stuart IV. Charlie’s fifth great-grandfather was William Russell, who served as Captain of a company of Rangers in the French and Indian War under General Braddock

Charlie was elected to the Council in the 2000s and served as Governor from 2018-2021, including two pandemic years that necessitated an extra term year since elections could not be held. Charlie and his wife Leigh live in Chesterfield and are frequent attendees at the General Society meetings, where he now is our state’s representative on the national Council. They have two sons, Lewis and Charles, both members of the Virginia Society.

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