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1-540-373-2500 Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Biography of Lewis Taylor Cowardin

Taylor CowardinFormer Virginia Society Governor Taylor Cowardin is a Gemologist at the nearly 160 year-old family business, Cowardin’s Jewelers, where he started working at the age of 16. Cowardin’s is located in Willow Lawn. After earning his degree in Business Administration at Virginia Commonwealth University, Taylor polished his skills at the Gemology Institute of America in New York and returned to the work of full-service jewelry retailer. Taylor first became interested in hereditary societies when he met Virginia Warrior John Hansbarger while doing family research in the early 2000’s at the Virginia Historical Society. At the time John served as registrar for several societies and encouraged Taylor to join. Taylor has been a member of VASCW since 2002 and had held many officer positions prior to his Governorship in 2016-2018. Taylor and his wife, Jodi, are the parents of two children and live in Goochland.

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