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Virginia Society Council Awards 2024 Grants

The Council of Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Virginia met on February 22, 2024 at the Commonwealth Club in Richmond prior to the annual Cy Nicholas Luncheon. Along with the approval of applications from new members, pending acceptance by the General Society, the Council allocated $9,000.00 in grants for the year. Recipients include:

  • Henricus Foundation
  • James Monroe Foundation
  • Virginia Museum of History and Culture
  • William & Mary College, Department of History Master’s Program
  • St Johns Church Foundation
  • National Society of Colonial Dames, Virginia Chapter
  • Historic Christ Church Foundation
  • Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation William Kelso Archaeology Fund

Below: Deputy Governor General Charles L. Grant presents the Society’s 2024 grant check to historical interpreters at Henricus Historical Park to support educational programming, ongoing research and historical interpretation at Henricus. 

DGG Grant and Henricus interpreters

Virginia Society Council Awards 2024 Grants
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  1. II have tried to make contact through telephone and EMail today; I have moved three times in last two years and I can not locate my invitation to the Spring Court and I would would like to attend along with fellow member, John Dudinsky, both from Charlottesville. I will mail money as soon as I hear fron SCW.

    Gerald L Brown MD
    Our Lady of Peace, 751 Hillsdale Drive, Apt #312
    Charlotteville, VA 22901-3303

    Tel #: 434-326-3914

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