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1-804-314-2809 Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Biography of Channing Moore Hall

cHANNING hALLChanning Moore Hall, III, Lieutenant Governor for the Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Virginia, is a Williamsburg native and self-described “country business lawyer.” He earned his BA at Washington and Lee and his JD and LLM in Tax from the College of William and Mary School of Law. After forming and building the Hale & Hall law firm, he hung out a solo shingle in his hometown in 2000 to serve business owners and small businesses with the full portfolio of business law, tax, estate and succession planning services. Channing is a former Vice-Mayor of Williamsburg and a former member of its City Council. He, with his brother Lesslie, was awarded the Prentis Award for Distinguished Service by W&M in 2010. Channing joined the Society with the encouragement of Jackson Darst, who was at the time a neighbor and avid member of the Virginia Society. His ancestor was Sir John Moore, Secretary of the province of South Carolina. Channing was appointed to serve on the General Society Tablets and Monuments Committee, where he is in line to be chairman. He also chairs the same effort in the Virginia Society. Channing is a member of the Society of the Cincinnati and the Sons of the American Revolution. In his spare time, he enjoys fly fishing and steeplechase competitions.

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